Janet Lennox Moyer


Janet Lennox Moyer wrote the book on landscape lighting, John Wiley and Sons released the 3rd edition of The Landscape Lighting Book in 2013.  Jan began her career in lighting as a teaching assistant in the 1975 lighting class of her studies at Michigan State University in Interior Design.  She then taught lighting at the University of Michigan, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, the Landscape Architecture Extension, and the University of California at Berkeley.  In 1987 at UC Berkeley she created her first landscape lighting course and in 1993 took this course to Rutgers University.  In 1997 the Lighting Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute asked Jan to develop a five-day format that has become the illi Intensive Course.

Jan has served as President of the SF DLF and local, regional, and national Illuminating Engineering Society committees, has judged lighting competitions for the City of Austin Texas and the GE Edison Award - which she has won twice.

Studying interior design, she fell in love with lighting.  At the time, very little information was available about landscape lighting, however.  After years of learning to create beautiful night environments and educating herself on how to 'paint with light,' Jan recognized the need to teach, train and mentor the next generation of landscape lighting designers.