From Intensive Course Participants

:: Allie Schieffelin - Chairman and CEO, The Lighting Quotient, New Haven, CT / class of 2010

Hello, this is the Allie and Emily, from the Allie and Emily on the road show. Just calling to say we can’t stop talking about you, and, we really feel very sad that we are going home. This has just been the best experience and I have called an entire staff meeting for tomorrow at 9:30. I didn’t believe it when you said that this experience is life changing. And, I thought that was so ridiculous, and yet, both of us feel very much life changed. And, we miss you!

Emily and I both know that we are going to see a lot of you both and very soon. Thank you, too, George, thank you to the whole crew. Thank you for letting us be ourselves. We felt so much at home, yet in a different world at the same time.

:: Ken Martin - Copper Expressions, St.George, Ontario, Canada / class of 2010

Dear Jan, George and Staff,

I can only begin this letter to you all by telling you what a wonderful, amazing experience I was blessed with when attending your class. There are so many positive things I could talk about but I will try to keep it as short as I can.

My week was truly soul touching because the most impressive experience I had was the kindness and thoughtfulness of you all. I felt as though I was home with my family which is why it made this experience so wonderful. As a group you amazingly found something deep inside me and you all succeeded at making me aware of the greatest thing in my life and that is my true passion for landscape lighting. You provided me with the knowledge that I really needed so that I could effectively express my creativity through lighting.

I can only begin to tell you how jealous I am of all the staff at Jan Moyer Design and Odd Stick Studio because you really do work for two of the most amazing angels on this earth and yes that is Jan and George. The gift of sharing and the incredible kindness that you provide to every living thing around you is what makes you two so special. When I say "every living thing" that includes people obviously, but you also provide that same kindness to all the animals,plants, and trees that are in your life.

I too have a tear in my eye and yes I already miss being around you all, but one thing for you all to think about is this...As a group you all work so wonderfully hard and you truly have succeeded at sharing the gift of landscape lighting.
Many thanks and we will see you soon.

:: Kathryn Derk, LC - Doherty Design Group, LLC / class of 2010

Hello Jan & George,

Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me last week. (It is hard to put all of this into words). You both inspire me; from the way you communicate with each other, how you run your business and the team you've created. Your insightful creation of the group atmosphere that you've made by your leadership was I truly appreciate knowing you and learning from you.

Please forgive me for not sending the message below to you, I forgot that you would enjoy seeing the photos and that it is your property! Also I don't want to be one who emails you unnecessarily.

Would it be okay for me to share some of Group 2's (my group's) photos with some clients? I will be giving credit to both of you as well as my team mates of course. I've been remembering and missing the atmosphere and energy you provided for us at Saluki Park. Thank you again.

:: Pam Morris - Exciting Lighting, Sausalito, CA / class of 2010

Thank you Jan, and your team, for an amazing, valuable and enjoyable experience participating in your landscape lighting workshop. …and what a beautiful setting!I came away truly shifted in my understanding of lighting.It isn't just information that is transmitted. It is an emersion experience…, which allows it to saturate in and be applied.I have been successfully involved in lighting for 25 years, and yet thru Jan’s ability to share her aesthetic vision and technical knowledge, I feel I have a new pair of glasses.

:: Ken Simons - Kinghorn Gardens, Omaha, NE / class of 2010

Hello All,I would like to thank everyone for everything they did this past week during the landscape lighting institute. It was truly an honor to meet and work with you all. I wish you the best of luck and hope to stay in touch!

:: Eric Beaudin - Solutions Environnementales Aquasol, Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc. / class of 2010

It was great to see you again over the last few days. All attendees were in agreement that it was one of the best training that they ever attended. Janet and George, congratulations to you and your team.

:: Bob Isleib - RLI Electric, LLC - Durham, CT / class of 2009

Julie, thanks again for passing my message along to Jan. Once again she got right back to me. I did want to thank you and Jan for the timely responses on everything. Especially, I would like to pass a note of thanks along to Jan. Not only the fact that someone with her crazy schedule can find time to correspond with me but the fact that she seems to do it happily. Additionally, the fact that both her and George took the time out of their weekend to give me AND my friend a tour of their place was going way beyond the call. The major downside to that visit, it has me really counting the days until the class. As you know, the state of the economy has a lot of people nervous, not only making a large purchase but also the fact that they have buyers regret after the fact. I was definitely in that group but Jan has already alleviated that nervousness and I haven’t even been to the class yet. It is in the gestures like returning a phone call to someone that hasn’t taken the class, that you can see why Jan is in a league by herself. I try to provide my customers the same service and for that matter people in general. This is one of the major differences (I think) between companies that are doing well and companies that may not be. That consistency is what really makes a person or a customer/client for that matter become not just satisfied but actually excited to do business with you. Thanks again and see you soon.

:: Oscar Welch - Welch Creative Lighting - Windermere, FL / class of 2008

Jan & Team, I cannot stop thinking about the marvelous time I had at the Institute. It’s nearly impossible to describe it to someone. So full of ideas and inspiration in every session, WOW! It had challenges for each of us and at the same time so much positive reinforcement, you couldn’t help leaving thinking you have grown, a lot. The lexicon for design, installation, and focusing we learned by listening to you use this language in context is priceless.The collegial interaction for people of all backgrounds and wattages is another important way to learn and help others.I have been around a few unbeatable teams in my life, been fortunate to have built a couple, your team spirit is tremendous and very contagious.There are few opportunities to spend an entire week, day and night with the person at the top of your chosen profession. The week we spent with Jan and her carefully selected faculty members elevated my knowledge of lighting of course. The real benefit to me was the confidence I gained in using some of the ideas I have floating about in my head. Jan is patient, deeply informative, and motivational, she is the best and now I know why. Jan Moyer cares about the profession for which she has great passion. We are all fortunate she offers the Landscape Lighting Institute as a way to help elevate our profession. She is a bright star! I can’t wait for the advanced course if she decides to create one.

:: John Pletcher - Natural Accents - Kansas City, KS / class of 2008

The LLI came at just the right time in my lighting design career. To study with Jan Moyer and be with other lighting designers in the LLI setting was such an inspiration to take my passion for the art of lighting to the next level. Since the LLI my lighting designs are superior in every aspect and my design business has grown through a down economy.I would highly recommend the experience of the LLI to anyone serious about landscape lighting design.

:: Jesse Loucks - JL Lighting Design, LLC - Sharon, CT / class of 2008

After first meeting Jan Moyer at a landscape lighting conference in Georgia, I decided to enroll in the Landscape Lighting Institute (LLI). There are no “trade secrets” with Jan. She is forthcoming and transparent with her experiences as a landscape lighting designer, and she willfully passes on this knowledge during the intensive 5-day course. The opportunity to experiment with virtually any landscape lighting fixture was invaluable. However, sharing experiences and working knowledge with roughly 20 like-minded professions for 5 days was the highlight. I am still in contact with people from my class and their input has been tremendous. Most important, Jan has been perhaps the most encouraging and supportive force in this formative period of my career. Every project has benefited from the lessons learned and the contacts established at the LLI.

:: Rick Dekeyser - Blue Island, Inc. - Key West, FL / class of 2007

Jan's class was the one greatest event that has changed my career. I will gladly tell everyone.Life is much more exciting since my visit to Dog Park. The ideas, creativity, and possibilities are around every corner now. Please tell Jan THANKS.

:: Unknown class participant - class of 2002

I will have to say, I took more away from Jan Moyer's class was more than I had ever expected. The course is heavy in design concepts with some technical stuff thrown in along with documentation ideas. Every subject was presented with a projected presentation that keep me on the edge of my seat. Mrs. Moyer is a true educator and mentor if you ever get the chance to be around her. She talked lighting the whole time: class room, breaks, meals, and even late into the evenings with us in the hotel lobby. I will have to say I recommend the course if your involved in Landscape Lighting at any level. I only have two problems now though, being able to show the clients what Landscape Lighting really can look like when they have estimates that are half mine. Jan Moyer said to focus on smaller areas to fit the budget instead of compromising your design. The second problem was I was so fired up from the education stand point I was ready to go back and get my masters in lighting at RPI. If you ever get the chance to study under Jan Moyer the experience is priceless.

:: Pete Jackson - Philadelphia, PA / class of 2008

THANK YOU. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from such a unique soul. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and experience. You have expanded my thoughts and my thought process on far more than lighting design.
I have read this many times " after talent and passion, your success is dictated by the people you surround yourself with". Your group of wonderful instructors and staff, were willing to go above and beyond to help a (strange) fellow lighting designer elevate all areas of their business and craft. You would no doubt be a success if it were only you, but having a team like you do, makes the journey that much more successful and enjoyable.
I just want you to know that I took your class very seriously and that I really appreciated the time and energy you and your staff gave to the class.

:: Larry Iorii - Down to Earth, Inc. - Wilmington, DE / class of 2008

I want to express a sincere thank you for a well planned conference. It had a great mix of practical classroom time and most importantly hands on time. Also, having your team of dedicated assistants proved to be very helpful to Steve and I. Our particular questions were answered at many times in between all activities.Jan, I want you to know that I have attended many national and regional conferences of all kinds over 35 years, but I got the most out of yours. Also, it was very comforting to me that you never acted like a person on a pedestal that intimidated. You have a sincere caring for your students to learn and raise the bar of the industry. You made us all feel very comfortable. Pete, Steve and I are teaming up on a few projects to start getting our feet wet with your upgraded training. We will help each other. I will stay in touch and looking forward to a fun and exciting future. After we get more practice, I know we all want future training in some capacity that would make sense with you.

:: Jerry Carter - Vision3 Lighting - Fowler, CA / class of 2008

I want to thank you for all your hard work and your fantastic course! I have never learned so much in such a short period of time.

:: Tom Williams - Williams Landscape Lighting Design - Troy, NY / Instructor, class of 2008

Jan Moyer's Landscape Lighting Institute at Dog Park... It was a wonderful experience to work so closely with the top designer/author/teacher in our field and so many talented men and women. Each class spent five days (12 to 14 hour days) learning more about their art and craft. We listened to lectures, engaged in discussion and had hands-on with a large variety of manufactures' fixtures, transformers and lamps in Jan's Dog Park garden. They experimented, tested, improvised, documented and created exciting landscape lighting designs.We were also fed amazingly well.It was an honor to have the opportunity to get to know and work with so many light-a-holics... If you weren't there, you'll have to wait for the photos to be posted to believe the quality of the work done by the teams of students.