illi Board of Directors


Scott Williams, Executive Director

LEED AP, CLVLT #1388, COLD #1523

Associate Professor, College of Architecture, University of Oklahoma

Associate Professor Scott Williams has taught at the University of Oklahoma since 2003.  His research and teaching interests are in lighting design, beginning design, architectural design history, and historic preservation.  He earned his Bachelor's and Master's of Architecture from the Technical University of Munich in Munich, Germany.  In Düsseldorf, Germany he is a registered architect with the Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen and studied at the Staatliche Kunstakademie under Sir James Stirling and Daniel Liebeskind.  Scott has worked as Project Architect on projects with several German architecture firms including Der Neue Zollhof with Frank Gehry.  He is a member of the Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer (COLD) Committee with the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP).


Jesse Loucks, Board Chair

Founder/Owner, JL Lighting Design, LLC

As a licensed electrical contractor since 2001, Jesse tells how he was occasionally asked to install "landscape lighting."  However it wasn't until he attended a workshop at Cooper Lighting in 2007, which was instructed by Jan Moyer, that he says he began to understand how to properly design and install landscape lighting.  Inspired by his experience at Cooper, Jesse enrolled in the Landscape Lighting Institute (now the illi Intensive Course) in 2008 and formed JL Lighting Design, LLC in 2009.  JL Lighting Design not only complements Jesse's contracting business, but it also advises landscape architects/designers and other electrical contractors on the intricacies of landscape illumination.


John Tremaine

CEO and Founder, Q-Tran

John Tremaine, one of the heirs of Emily Hall Tremaine, carries her vision forward in support of illi, seeing the organization bringing forth a new art form that is innovative and also provides the quiet space for contemplation.  In 1993, John Tremaine founded Q-Tran, Inc.  An accomplished lighting designer who was born into a family of lighting entrepreneurs and innovators, he began his career with The Miller Company, a firm acquired in the 1930's by his grandfather, who founded the National Electric Lamp Association.  NELA served as General Electric's lamp division and was transformed into a prestigious research institute that is still thriving today.  Operating with the mantra "EnlightenedThinking ©", Q-Tran was established to fulfill a need in the lighting industry for flexible remote transformers that eliminate noise and heat while enhancing the quality of light output.  John's creative foundation, entrepreneurial vision and extensive knowledge of the lighting industry has guided illi in its growth and burgeoning success.


Betsy Mitchell

Owner Operator, Avant Garden Designs, LLC

Betsy turned her passion for gardening into a career after receiving a Design Certificate from the New York Botanical Garden, completing the Cornell Master Gardener program and NOFA certification.  Upon completing several large scale projects, she realized the need for professional landscape lighting design and attended the Landscape Lighting Institute (now the illi Intensive Course) in 2011, where she is currently a Mentor.  Betsy's design expertise, passion for the environment, and commitment to clients insures her exceptional results on all levels.  Betsy lives in Westchester County with her husband and two sons.  She is a graduate of the University of Florida.


Mary Cutler

Founder/Principal, Gardens by Day and Night

Mary's dedication to her field is evidenced by her commitment to continually learning and practicing the profession.  After earning a BS degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she developed her passion for gardening and became a Master Gardener of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and then earned a Certificate of Landscape Design from the Landscape Institute of Harvard University.  Mary then combined that love with her love of lighting and became a Mentor for illi and now specializes in both landscape lighting and landscape design.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and a member of illi.  She lives on the shores of Dover, MA.


Belinda Biscoe, PhD

Interim Vice President for University Outreach, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Biscoe's areas of expertise include: research and evaluation, higher education administration, nonprofit administration, public school administration, school reform, early literacy, public school issues, substance abuse prevention, mental health, resilience, homelessness, workforce development, juvenile justice, lifespan developmental psychology (with an emphasis on early childhood and adolescence), and substance abuse treatment, including client management, women and family issues, poly-drug abusers, co-occurring disorders, and self-help organizations. Dr. Biscoe is also a co-founder of the Eagle Ridge Institute, a nonprofit substance abuse organization in Oklahoma City.

Also within University Outreach, she serves as director of the South Central Comprehensive Center (SC3), principal investigator for the Central Comprehensive Center (C3), and director of Educational Training, Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement (E-TEAM).

During the course of her career, she has written and received funding for more than 47 major grants, resulting in the application of millions of dollars to support initiatives for common education, non-profit organizations, and higher education. She is an accomplished public speaker, having presented papers at local, state, and national conferences.


George Gruel, Founding Contributor


As George tells it, "my adulthood adventures wind from my early days in photography and art school in Michigan, back when I first visited San Francisco on a three month sabbatical from school to photograph the journey as part of my photographic thesis for school."  George soon moved west to Marin County where he found himself living with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and photographing the adventures that surrounded him.  In 1978 George became Tour Manager for Warren Zevon and moved to the unique atmosphere of Los Angeles.  Once again, he saw the world through a photographer's eye and his photos graced Zevon albums, Rolling Stone, books and the the new book about Warren Zevon published this year by Harper Collins.  Schooled first as an artist/illustrator and designer, George became interested in photography in the early '70s.  With the advent of computers George became an early adopter of digital photography and a strong champion and advocate of its art form.  Married to Janet Lennox Moyer, his photography has been able to capture the essence of landscape lighting and bring its vision to the world.


Lance Bennett

Vice President, Specification Sales, Cooper Lighting

Lance works as Vice-President of specification sales at Cooper Lighting, a provider of innovative, high quality lighting fixtures and related products to worldwide commercial, industrial, residential and utility markets.  Lance also serves on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Education Trust.  He has been involved with the American Institute of Architects and the IALD in preparing and delivering educational and continuing educational materials and courses.  His company has been a significant sponsor of illi for many years and has spawned many new landscape lighting designers.


Allison K. Schieffelin, Board Chair Emeritus

Chair and CEO, The Lighting Quotient