Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area J

Area J frames the exterior composition when seen from lower elevations.

While much of the lighting composition will be allowed to recede in darkness, special attention will be paid to Magnolia kobus loebneri (Ballerina Magnolia) which produces lovely flowers in the spring. Downlights will be mounted in the adjacent Picea omorica (Serbian Spruce) and uplights will be recessed in the driveway.

Malus “White Angel” Crabapple produces colorful fruit that are enjoyable late into the Fall season. Thus this specimen will enjoy uplight on the under-side of the canopy, uplight on the trunk, and downlight from adjacent Picea. This crabapple tree will also provide a mounting location for the adjacent sculpture, described below.

Local Artist, provided sculpture crafted from the region’s industrial heritage; the piece repurposes TroyBilt® rototiller blades in a botanically-inspired composition. As this piece is placed at the terminus of an arterial pathway, the sculpture will receive special attention after dark. It will be lighted by a treemounted accent light, as well as stake-mounted accent lights. Thus with light, industrial refuse will be brought into bloom, no matter what the season.


Description and Planting

Lighting Schedule

The above documents are available for download as a single PDF.


  • Jen Brons
  • Tony Lato
  • Mike Nantz
  • Jan Moyer


Pictures from Area J

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing