Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area I

Within the boundaries of Area I exist four glorious features that beg to be lit.  The first and most profound is the 120ft Black Walnut.  There are 11 fixtures illuminating the tree…8 uplights and 3 downlights directed on the trunk of this magnificent beast.  From the canopy of this tree we are able to put soft light on the south berm garden bed and on the ground below.  Taking advantage of BEACHSIDE Lighting's very unique GOBO fixture we will have a textured pattern adding an enchanting element to the whole area.

Leading up the berm to the far right is a set of stairs with an old but graceful apple tree whose far reaching trunk allowed us to install 5 hanging fixtures to illuminate the trunk and the stairs. There are 3 directional fixtures to highlight the canopy.

The South Berm garden and the apple tree have as their backdrop, the potting shed. In the winter there is no light on the white painted shed, but in the summer the vines that grow up and over the roof of the shed are lit. There is a sconce at the peak of the shed that gives light to an art piece mounted to the wall.

As lighting designers our most exciting discovery in Area i of the TLLR site, was a very old ivy covered wall that is the base for a small dining patio. The diners sit at a bar style table overlooking the grounds. This patio has a 4ft high, 3 sided yew hedge wall which sits directly on top of our old wall. Using the CAST Engineered wall light we lit the wall very softly with alternating uplight and downlight. We asked CAST to custom design a 30” pole with a 90degree bend as we wanted to respect the age of the wall by not drilling into it. The end result was a stake mounted fixture bent to perform as our downlight. During the day you see a wall that needs repair, but at night softly lit, it becomes a fabulous architectural piece. The overall effect of the lit foliage of the yew hedge rising up from a softly lit wall created a real statement.


Description and Planting

Lighting Schedule

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  • Pam Bingham
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Tom Williams
  • Jan Moyer


Pictures from Area I

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing