Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area H

Area H was an area that had a very high traffic pattern.  This area includes the main corridor from the driveway to the house, as well as from the house to the garage.  Our design focuses a great deal on the safety of navigating these walkways.  There is a combination of path lights along the walks, as well as down lights from the magnolias, to have the proper lighting to navigate from one area to another.  A single stem Japanese Lilac tree viewed through the kitchen window is illuminated with up lights to give a focal point looking out of the house into the garden.

Area H is done with the manufacture of BK. One fixture from Attraction Lights acts as an illuminated art piece and provides general surround lighting providing some scale to the garden.


Description and Planting

Lighting Schedule

The above documents are available for download as a single PDF.


  • Don Bradley
  • Marilyn Schultz Goldfine
  • Ken Simons
  • Jan Moyer


Pictures from Area H

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing