Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area F

Taste in lighting is the simple way to say something complicated. This installation includes a thoughtful design of strategic positioning of stake mounted up-lights, below grade well lights and Down-lights, provided by Excelsior Lighting. The large sycamore is close to the owner's sleeping porch. All locations were designed with consideration and respect to the subtly within which the client's enjoy … a tasteful blend of outside in and inside out.

The downlighting is viewed from all directions. Most importantly, the topography of the landscape slopes downward to other buildings, thus particular attention was made to hide visible sources of all lights while walking up to the main residence. The source of light is the latest LED from Dauer Lighting to create a warm glow and louvered to block the lamp brightness up to a 45° viewing angle. This team created shadows and depth created by blending creative technology and design to enhance the owner's nighttime environment, with the flip of a switch.


Description and Planting

Lighting Schedule

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  • Lara Cordell
  • Kristy Benner
  • Ken Martin
  • Greg Yale
  • Jon-Carlo Marras
  • Jan Moyer


Pictures from Area F

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing