Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area D

A lighting composition is held together by all of its elements- those of both obvious/spectacular/focal point specimens/destination view… as well as those areas that necessarily connect the dots but do so quietly. They are vital in allowing safe and secure passage- if you are looking down at your feet- you are not succeeding with the lighting-


-­‐ provide a sense of passage- walking through a Viewing Moon- not shouting but rather calling softly

-­‐ provide some breakthrough viewing looking out of the living room windows. You have passed either under or next to the magnificent magnolias with their flowers, waxy diffusing leaves, and a beautiful tangle of structure- the perennial and herbaceous gardens to the right in all their variety…….

Your eye is quickly drawn forward to the first of two massive yew enclosures. Spotlighted is “one of the client’s” favorite specimens (and she loves all of her specimens)- an Ekianthus still very much in its youth.

You step into the cathedral ceiling of the hemlock- safe and somewhat cozy- the lighting wants you to pass by comfortably- but to be interesting enough to warrant your lingering for a few moments. Ahead, you will step through the Looking Glass and enter an entirely new world.

At the time of the installation, the Rhododendron lining the living room windows were still rather short and without the structure and leaf coverage which will prove to be vital foundation plantings in the future. With age and controlled growth, the evergreen (turning reddish in the fall and winter) and somewhat glossy finish to the leaves makes them a great bank of diffused light, visible from inside and out. During the winter and early spring when their large buds are well appointed by leaves turning upwards, they are a true winter gem (and chickadees love to play inside of them!) These plants along with a massive Hemlock trunk are the closest visual elements to the east side of the living room. Taking a viewers’ eye through the window (which began as a window, became a mirror when it went dark outside and now wants us to turn it back into a window -as much as possible) is a central part of the design intent……………..


Description and Planting

Lighting Schedule

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  • David Brearey
  • Eduardo Tamayo
  • Jan Moyer


Pictures from Area D

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing