Landscape Lighting Exhibition
Area B

Area B is the welcome into a "courtyard entrance" to this home as well as a lasting impression as one finally exits the property.  The lighting scheme is meant to be subtle and directional to the front door entrance, yet highlighting the magnificent Magnolias which encompass the space leading to that entrance.  Neighboring areas create and add background effects completing this entry space.  The lighting in this area also "leads" the eye toward the lit adjacent spaces  thus creating the sense of movement to other areas with a feeling of security and visual direction drawing to the spaces beyond.

Varying techniques are used to create year-round interest throughout the changing seasons - its colors, blooms, textures, branching structures.

As one leaves the space an accent lit ornamental tree with its architecture fence background/evergreen foreground offers a quite beautiful exit destination from this space, yet subtly tones down the neighboring structure and its presence.


Lighting Schedule

Description and Planting

The above documents are available for download as a single PDF.


  • Kathryn Toth
  • Andy Robbins
  • Heinrich Fischer
  • Jan Moyer



Pictures from Area B

Daytime Photos


Aiming and Installing